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our primary mission
is the creation of employment opportunity for both job-seekers and employers
our solution

What we do

SimDnA (Simulated Data & Analytics) uses advanced simulation technology to accurately replicate real business environments. This creates dual opportunity; job-seekers can develop analytical skills and experience and employers can find and connect with candidates to confirm required skills and experience.

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our founders

Who we are

Ion King

For nearly 20 years Data & Analytics has been my passion and primary focus. I've served in all capacities, from a junior level analyst through to senior level management. Today my passion is focused on creating opportunity for others. SimDnA is the outcome of this passion. We strive to close the gap between education and getting hired.

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George Earl

For well over two decades, I have been building billion-dollar companies. From banking to tech, e-commerce to EdTech - I have utilized Decision Science, Information Engineering, and Analytics to grow organizations and professionals. Nothing beats hands-on, real-world experience and SimDnA is the only place an aspiring analyst can obtain it outside the work force. Get trained! Get hired!

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Blog Articles

The Anecdotal Trap
Jun 26, 2020

Anecdotal references are common place throughout many forms of communication and media. This includes news of all formats (print, broadcast, and online), political speeches, marketing, advertising, internal business operations and many others. Anecdotal references serve as supportive evidence to persuade an audience...

Hiring Without Confidence is the Norm!
May 26, 2020

Evaluating strangers over the course of several hours with the intent of investing tens of thousands of dollars per year is a high stakes game of chance. How much can truly be understood about a person’s experience, capabilities, ethics, and overall fit in such a short period of time. Essentially, employers are making decisions...

I am a leader, just not in the office!
May 19, 2020

Leadership is an action that people witness throughout their entire life. It begins the moment we are born by observing doctors, parents, caretakers and continues on through teachers, governing bodies, employers and so forth. We are continuously exposed to numerous examples...

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