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We’re a team of long-time analysts who have built a platform that creates opportunity.

Having spent nearly a combined 40 years in Data & Analytics we have experienced the entire spectrum of analytic scenarios. Two of the most compelling include how aspiring analyst seek job opportunities and how employers hire analytic talent.

Individuals pursuing careers in Data & Analytics have a wide variety of educational options that teach a vast array of analytical disciplines, concepts, and skills. However, a challenge presents itself once these job-seekers begin their employment search. It is common for employers to require candidates have between 1 and 4 years of experience for entry level positions.

When observing this challenge from the employers perspective it is important to identify the key factors in hiring a candidate. Three of the top factors include cost, time to value, and retention. Costs must be low, the new hire needs to become productive quickly, and they must become a long term member of the organization. The best way for an employer to assess these factors is to require candidates with previous experience.

SimDnA (Simulated Data & Analytics) has developed an innovative solution for both job-seekers and employers. Our platform is centered around advanced simulation technology that accurately replicates real business environments. These environments provide the opportunity for job-seekers to learn, train, and demonstrate their analytic capabilities. For employers, these simulated environments create the opportunity for candidate evaluation equal to on the job experience.

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