July 6, 2021

It is a unique sense of joy that is felt when a person commits to a goal and after so much time, money, sacrifice, energy, and disruption; to begin seeing the tangible benefits that perfectly align with those goals.

My goals in building SimDnA was to create development and employment opportunity for both job seekers and employers in the Data & Analytics space. For job seekers, that meant growing Data & Analytics skills and experience. For employers, that meant improving the process of hiring Data & Analytic candidates and building experience within existing analytic assets.

Recently, we had the pleasure of serving both an organization looking to fill an analytic position and a job seeker looking to further their analytic career. The job seeker took it upon themselves to work through all 400plus of our TradeCraft simulation exercises. The employer decided they wanted to benefit from deeper insight into the skills and capabilities of their analytic candidates. Upon consent from both parties we connected the two and the employer decided to have the candidate take our TradeCraft evaluation simulation.

In the end the employer determined they would hire this individual and both parties could not have been happier with the benefits offered by SimDnA’s TradeCraft platform.

The job seeker, who did not have an extensive background, was able to demonstrate that their skills and capabilities go beyond the experience implied on the resume.

The employer, who had suffered from misleading resumes and interviews, was able to validate skills and capabilities and hire with confidence.

Below are testimonials shared by both parties.

“Working with Ion and his team at SimDnA has been extremely valuable to us at Inteleos. Over the last few months as we built up a new data team, we were able to use the Tradecraft platform to assess candidates both on their overall skills in the data domain but more importantly, to get a deeper understanding of how each candidate’s performance differed across the various assessment dimensions that Tradecraft measures. The tool ultimately let us see beyond just individual candidates and indeed revealed we had a pool of candidates that had complimentary strengths. The results was hiring two candidates instead of just the one we thought we needed. To my knowledge, no other platform on the market offers this type of insight. We intend on continuing to use the platform over time to further bolster and reinforce key data analysis concepts within our team.”
- CIO, Inteleos

“I had a wonderful experience working with SimDnA’s TradeCraft business simulation platform! The scenarios and exercises are expertly-designed and highly relevant to the growing fields of data and business analytics, and I enjoyed practicing and learning new concepts and skills while working through various simulations. Best of all, these simulations and related employer-requested evaluation assessment helped me secure a new opportunity within data and analytics, tangibly helping me advance my career within my new field of interest! I highly recommend the TradeCraft platform to anyone who is interested in learning more about data and business analytics, and ready to take the plunge into an exciting new career field full of opportunities!”
- Anthony Z.

Delivering upon our goals in such a strong fashion has only further energized the team here at SimDnA. We are taking steps to move beyond the bootstrap startup phase and expand our services to individuals and organizations that stand to benefit.

We encourage folks to connect with us via LinkedIn, social media, or through email to ask question and learn more. Serving you in the pursuit of your Data & Analytic goals is our goal.

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