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How TradeCraft Works

In the simplest terms TradeCraft provides aspiring analysts an environment where they can grow themselves into viable candidates for careers in the analytics space.

What does this mean?
Data & Analytics is a fast growing career focus. Businesses are accelerating their search for qualified candidates.

In response to this demand colleges, universities, and the private sector have responded with numerous programs to teach aspiring analysts the required skills. Unfortunately this only solves for part of the equation that leads to getting hired. The missing variable is experience. Employers prefer to hire candidates with a proven history of the practical application of analytical skills. Students that are fortunate enough to get this experience through internships or career development programs often find it easier to get hired. For those without these opportunities this gap is wide and challenging to bridge.

The TradeCraft platform provides a solution to this challenge. Through our simulation environments both job-seekers and employers can satisfy their needs. Job-seekers can learn, train, and demonstrate Data & Analytic skills and employers can connect with candidates and confirm their analytic skills and experience.

Begin By Acquiring Knowledge

Introduction to analytic topics, skills, and disciplines

Practice working within simulated business environments

Begin closing the gap between education and getting hired

Hone Your Skills

Practice by applying Data & Analytic skills in actual business scenarios

Work through scenarios as many times as you'd like; performance feedback is confidential

Hone Data & Analytic capabilities; build experience, skills, and proficiency

Show What You're Made Of

Work through simulations designed specifically to highlight your analytic capabilities

Show potential employers your skills, experience, and proficiency

Performance feedback only shared with the employers you choose

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